What to know when hiring an Event Planner

What to know when hiring an Event Planner

Written by: Kristy Lee & Jennifer McAteer

Fact:  I’ve never had a bride who regretted hiring an Event Planner.

Fact:  I’ve had lots of brides who regretted NOT hiring an Event Planner.

What exactly are Event Planners? What role do they play in your wedding planning process as well as on your wedding day?  One thing I know for sure, is that they take a HUGE load of stress off of you!  They do so much in the background that so many people don’t see.  I teamed up with Kristy Lee (Kristy Lee Events, LLC) and we answered some event planner related questions. The photos you see below are events that Kristy and I have worked together.  I hope this helps you in your planning process!

What to know when hiring and Event Planner:

with Kristy Lee Events & Jennifer McAteer

Kristy Lee Events

What is it that a wedding and event planner does?

There are multiple levels of involvement for event planning. The most effective level is all-inclusive. Each event planner has different levels of involvement with all-inclusive planning.  A few things you want to look for is someone who is prepared to create a budget, as well as help design your look by gathering colors and picture ideas.  He or she would begin to build your vendor team around the budget and desired style for your day.

An event planner should have the contacts of vendors that specialize in the type of event you are planning, and be able to point you to vendors that mirror your style and standard of work. Examples might be photography or floral.  You want to have an event planner that can direct you to the photographer or florist who will meet your style standards the closest.

An all-inclusive planner is the point of contact for all appointments with vendors, venue meetings, casting your vision to the entire team and managing the planning process. The planner needs to design a timeline for the day and communicate that to all parties in the team.

For day of coordination only, you, the client, plan the event but hand everything over to the event planner to coordinate a few weeks before your event, including but not limited to, vendor contact, day of timeline, and pulling together the event day design.

Over all event planners take your vision and style, create a team, and pull it all together, leaving you to enjoy your event or wedding! Stress is the last thing you need to worry about.  We take stress off of you, and make all the good things happen!

What info does an event planner need from the bride?

Budget, vision for color, floral ideas, venue dream, invitation vision, cake vision, dress vision, and any detail desires.

Why is it important to have open communication with vendors?

Communication and follow up is key in building a solid team for any event. My philosophy is to create a culture and standard with your team; a standard that says we will leave each vendor and venue better than we found them, as well as help each other along the way.  We will make the day about the customer.  We will honor the policy of the venue.  As an event planner it is important to make the life of the vendor team as easy as possible and the root for that is detailed communication.  If I, as the event planner, do not have good communication with the vendor team, it’s hard to execute the vision and desire of the client.  Things run well when communication is smooth.

What are additional qualities you should look for in an Event Planner?

There are some key characteristics that you should look for when hiring an Event Planner.

First, your event planner should be upbeat and have the energy required to get the job done!  Don’t hire someone who has a reputation of being lazy.

Second, your event planner should have great people skills.  Event planning is all about working with people.  Knowing how to communicate and work well with people is a big deal when things get tense.  Good relationships can help the process.

Next your event planner should pay close attention to detail and be well organized.  Noticing small details can make a huge difference.

How much experience does your event planner have? What types of events have they planned?  These are questions you should ask.

Hire people who know people. Having connections in the niche you’re planning in is huge.  Don’t hire someone who knows nothing about the type of event you’re planning.

Kristy Lee Events


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